Na Yao

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Miss Yao comes from a family of artistic dancers. Inspired and influenced by her father, Miss Yao began her training in ballet when she was six years old. She continued her studies at Shanghai Dance Academy, where she learned ballet, Chinese folk dance, and modern dance. She was also admitted to and attended Beijing’s Film Academy, where she studied acting and stage performance. In the United States, Miss Yao has taught and choreographed ballet, Chinese folk dance, modern dance, Latin dances and also yoga in various dance schools. With her passion and love of dancing, as well as her uniquely tough love teaching styles, she is appreciated by both her students and parents. For her, students are important friends that she cannot live without. She feels happy and satisfied seeing her students make progress gradually. In the process of teaching, she realized that it is an important teaching experience to communicate with students, and to grow up with students happily. She enjoys the process of teaching, continuing inspires by her students, feels satisfied when she look at their lovely smile. As a teacher, Na Yao shows kids how to dance using her kindly heart. She is a Aries girl, who is easygoing and patient, with a smile face every time you see her. She has plenty of experience, so she is more than equal to this task–teaching dancing, no matter folk dance, modern dance, or classical dance. She is good at understanding her students by approving kids’ progress, and gives kid’s confidence to make further progress. In the hearts of children, she is pretty, gentle, and friendly, just like a “Barbie” in the fairy tale.