rongke Guo

guo1Artiector Director: rongke Guo 


Mr.Guo who was a former Shanghai Opera House Dance Theater principal dancer, graduated from Shanghai Dance School. He performed as a hero in the music drama “Xue Nv”, which was cooperated with a Japanese dancer Takarazuka, in Shanghai Silver Star Art and Dance school. He participated in the opera “Turandot” as a Persian Prince, and performed in Beijing National Grand Theater.

He also played a role in a Children dance melodrama “Hope Mountain” in Taiwan. He has acted in many modern dance special performance, such as “Carl Mina. Burana”, Breath of the City”, “Shostakovich”. He has been performed many times in the United States, Germany, Korea, Sweden, and Finland. With his uniquely tough love teaching styles, he is appreciated by both his students and their parents.